Zebra Finch

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Zebra Finch


Odd Ball Animals–Mixed Media

The stuff and junk we produce and use speaks to artist Peter Koronakos–“The twist of wire in the street, the debris left over from a house remodel, the plastic toy found in the dirt, the .38’s found in my grandmother’s sewing basket, the paper and photos and rusted steel and old machine parts, the wooden spoon from the flea market, the fragments of safety glass in the parking lot of a WalMart, the bits of washed up and worn smooth junk on the beach—all speak to me. I am attracted to the history they embody, the patterns of wear and use, the evidence of being part of someone’s life. I find and gather and collect all manner of materials and use them in assemblage pieces, sculptures, mixed-media constructions.”

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Zebra Finch

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